About Us

Knowing the community is important when buying and selling real estate. We have worked the Lincoln residential property market since 1992. We have the experience and expertise to identify an opportunity, and find a diamond in the rough. Or to spot a headache and avoid when the property does not add up.

With three languages on staff, we cast a wide net in the Lincoln and Omaha communities, English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

English speakers find the complexity of house-buying intimidating. Imagine how much more confusing it becomes if your English is limited or nonexistent. Our value in speaking the language is hard to underestimate. According to the 2010 census, Nebraska’s Hispanic community is estimated at 167,405. The Vietnamese population at 26,668. That’s roughly 10-percent of the state population, but a much higher percentage in Lincoln. With about 290,000 residents, Lincoln’s Hispanics (7.4%) and Vietnamese (4.67%) represent about 12-percent of a dynamic growth sector in the real estate market. Can you afford to miss them because your agent does not understand the culture or speak the language?

Join us and cast a wider net.

Meet Our Team

With years of experience, our team will work hard to get you to the closing.

  • Fernando Pages Ruiz
  • NE Realtor License #20191027
    CO Realtor License #FA.100077248

About Fernando

For nearly 30 years, Fernando Pagés has remained deeply engaged in real estate sales and design/build in New York, Chicago, California, Colorado, and Nebraska. An architectural author with two books published by The Taunton Press and frequent contributor to national shelter magazines, Fernando’s expertise in residential sales has made him a favorite speaker at architectural and real estate conferences. He brings his expertise and enthusiasm for high-quality, environmentally sensitive homes to Lincoln and Omaha. If you are looking for a serious, well-informed realtor with expertise in new construction, you will find in Fernando a wealth of experience and far-reaching knowledge.


  • Logan – Luan Pham
  • Realtor License #20160095

About Luan

Real estate remains Luan Pham’s big dream. He took a small, first step buying rental property in 2015. He saw the potential in real estate as tool to help people planning for retirement. Luan understands the beginner’s dilemma – how do I get started? Luan can help you figure it out. He became a licensed real estate agent in 2017 and joined First Choice Realty Team. With passion, energy, and bilingual ability, (English and Vietnamese), Luan will search to find you the best-fit real estate opportunity in Lincoln.